Stroller Information

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Since we have had so many questions about strollers at the Pear Run, we hope this helps:

  • Strollers are NOT PERMITTED in the 10k and 5k RUNS. This is because many of our runners are trying to qualify for the large marathons, and we don’t want them to be hindered by a stroller in the way. Also, strollers are safety hazards during runs. If you sneak a stroller in, you WILL be asked to return to the starting line.
  • Strollers ARE permitted in the 5k WALK and the 1k KIDS’ FUN RUN. We just ask that anyone with strollers get in the back of the starting crowd and cross the starting line after the folks who do not have strollers. This is for everyone’s safety.

This is going to be our largest Run ever, so let’s keep everyone as safe as possible! Thank you for supporting the PCPAAA and the Pearland Police Department!!